Finishes, Trim & Accessories

Finishes, Trim & Accessories

When you’re updating your home’s flooring, don’t forget about the finishes, trim & accessories. These finishing touches make a big difference on the look of the completed project. The right accessories bring your space together and make it look and feel right. Our flooring accessories coordinate perfectly with our hardwood and engineered wood flooring products, creating a professional and appealing look every time.

Reducer and Transition Molding

Reducers and transitions are used at the intersection of two different flooring materials, such as hardwood in the kitchen and tile in the bathroom. The reduction molding offers a smooth transition so there’s no unfinished edge or an edge that juts out of place. This molding also reduces the risk of tripping and falling.

Stair Risers and Treads

Stair risers are the vertical portions of the stair steps. Regular pieces of hardwood and engineered wood flooring aren’t designed to fit on these relatively narrow and tight areas. The fabricated riser pieces are made to look identical to the type of flooring used in the same room. They protect the sub-flooring of the stair steps and create a finished look.

Stair treads are hardwood coverings for the horizontal surfaces you step on when climbing stairs. We offer treads that perfectly match the risers and other hardwood and engineered wood flooring. The treads offer a stable, strong surface. Their edges are curved for an appealing finish, and we can trim them to size to fit your home’s stairs.

Stains, Sealants, and Cleaners

If you choose a natural hardwood floor, you’ll need stains and sealants to protect it, and cleaners that are safe for hardwood floors. We offer products made by Dura Seal, Minwax and Loba-Wakol. These stains and sealants protect the wood flooring from moisture, dust, dirt, light scratches, fading and warping. They also offer protection from stains caused by muddy feet, rubber shoe soles, spilled food and drinks and other household activities. Our cleaning products leave no streaks or dulling residue and are perfect for your wood floors.

Tools and Equipment

We also carry the tools you’ll need to install your floors, whether you’re a homeowner or a flooring pro. We carry a variety of PowerNail brand flooring nailers, fasteners, and other tools that will help you get the job done right. 

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